Students entering their junior and senior years are eligible to take concurrent classes.  Students may take classes from any university as long as we have a signed agreement from with them (please check with Mrs. Martinez to see if your school is approved).  Here are some tips and frequently asked questions:

  1. the state will pay for classes take (up to 2 classes) however you must pay the fees.  Fees range from university to university but can still be quite expensive.
  2. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that the concurrent courses taken match up to their schedule at the high school.  Students cannot leave or arrive during the middle of a high school class in order to attend a college class.
  3. Students must enroll and bring Mrs. Martinez a copy of their concurrent schedule
  4. Students must bring Mrs. Brader a printout of their grades every Friday by noon for eligibility

Here are links to the three most common universities currently used my OHS students:

Rogers State University


Northeastern State University


Tulsa Community College