Concurrent Enrollment
  1. Students MUST enroll with the college they are concurrently taking classes.
  2. Students may only enroll in a MAXIMUM of two (2) college classes per semester.
  3. Students can take concurrent classes for a TOTAL of 2 class periods in the OHS school day.
  4. Students may take classes 1st & 2nd, 6th & 7th, or 1st & 7th periods.
  5. Students are REQUIRED to enroll in courses for the remainder of the periods at OHS.
  6. Students MUST show proof of college course enrollment to Mrs. Odle for OHS scheduling.

Students choosing to earn English IV credit by concurrently enrolling in Comp I and Comp II: MUST SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETE BOTH CONCURRENT COURSES FOR ENGLISH IV CREDIT.


In accordance with the policy of the board of education, this regulation shall govern the concurrent enrollment of any student who wishes to attend college during his or her junior/senior year.

In order to enroll concurrently in college coursework, students must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be a junior/senior enrolled in sufficient credits to complete graduation requirements by the end of their senior school year;
  2. Be enrolled less than full-time. (Fewer than six credit courses).
  3. May not exceed full-time college workload of 19 semester credit hours. (One-half high school unit shall equal three semester credit hours.) 2 college courses maximum per semester.
  4. 4. ACE legislation requires high school students to be in school the entire length of the school day; this may include a combination of college and high school enrollment.
  5. Must have the written permission of a parent or legal guardian.
  6. ACT score of 21/juniors or 19/seniors or higher to concurrently enroll.
  7. Considering ACT results, a student must have subtest scores of 19 or higher in math, English and reading, and science.
  8. College coursework taken on-line is acceptable for concurrent enrollment and inclusion on high school transcript.
  9. Students can take concurrent classes for a total of 2 class periods in the OHS school day. Students are required to enroll in courses for the remainder of the periods at OHS.
  10. The following higher education courses commonly taken through concurrent enrollment have been reviewed by the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) and approved for academic credit:
    • College Algebra = 1 unit High School Algebra II
    • General Biology = 1 unit High School Biology II
    • General Botany = 1 unit High School Botany
    • English Composition I = ½ unit English IV
    • English Composition II = ½ unit English IV
    • Introduction to Chemistry = 1 unit High School Chemistry
    • Chemistry = 1 unit High School Chemistry
    • American History Survey to 1877 = ½ unit High School U.S. History
    • American History Survey from 1877 = ½ unit High School U.S. History
    • Introduction to Geography = ½ unit High School World Geography
    • American Federal Government = ½ unit High School American Govt.
    • Introduction to Speech = ½ unit High School Speech

Students wishing to exceed the workload limit may petition the selected higher education institution. The appropriate institutional officials will evaluate the student’s academic performance and potential for success in deter­mining the student’s load, which may not exceed the number of semester credit-hours 50 percent greater than the number of weeks in the applicable semester/term.