Oklahoma Promise Scholarship applications are due June 30 for all Sophomores that qualify.

OK Promise
Oklahoma’s Promise allows eighth-, ninth- or 10th-grade students from families with an income of $55,000 or less to earn a college tuition scholarship. Students must also meet academic and conduct requirements in high school.

click here for more financial information:  income info

click here to see academic requirements:  course guidelines

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APPLY ONLINE AT:  electronic application

Have questions?  Email okpromise@osrhe.edu, or call the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education's student information hotline at 800.858.1840 

If you need a paper application see Mrs. Graves

What happens after graduation?

After final grades are posted, Mrs. Martinez will complete the Oklahoma's Promise Certificate of Completion and mail it to the Regent's office with a copy of your final transcript. Upon receiving the final paperwork from the school, the Oklahoma's Promise office will evaluate your transcript and notify you in writing. Their goal is to notify you within two weeks of receiving the final paperwork however, due to the increasing number of graduating Oklahoma's Promise seniors each year, it may take a little longer. It will be up to you to let the college or university know that you are an Oklahoma's Promise student. (If you complete the Oklahoma's Promise high school requirements, you will receive more information in your award letter packet.) The first list of eligible students will be made available to the colleges and universities beginning July 1 and they will update the list on a regular basis.