Fine Arts

Students will be counted present if they check in using the Google form posted in Google Classroom between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.


  • It is the student’s responsibility to communicate with the teacher regarding any issues relating to the class.


Distance Learning students - Must attend hourly class zoom meetings or they will be counted absent.

Remote Learning Day attendance - students will be counted present if they complete the task assigned by the teacher for the day.

Tests - All Math tests will be proctored

Option 1: In Person - students may take the test in person, they must schedule with their teacher for time and place.

Option 2: On - line - students must be on a zoom call during their class time. Teacher will monitor via lan school. If a student is using a BYOD, they must discuss with their teacher on the use of lanschool.

If students do not take a test, they have 1 week after the original day of the test to schedule and makeup the test or it will be counted as a zero.

Career Tech (Ag, Computers, FACS)

A student is considered present if he/she is staying in contact with teacher as well

as completing and turning in work that is assigned in a timely manner. Projects

and tests that are required on site must be done by appointment with teacher.


Students that are distance learning must fill out their Distance Learning Attendance Google Form by 3:00 PM every day to be considered "Present".


Distance learning students must fill out the Google Form posted in their English Google Classroom by 2:15 p.m. each school day in order to be counted present.


All Distance Learning Students are expected to check google classroom for specific instructions and assignments.

Distance Learning Attendance --students will be attending zooms/meets during class time, completing tasks assigned for the day, and/or completing a google form

Remote Learning Days Attendance - students will be counted present if they complete the task assigned by the teacher for the day.