About Indian Education

Mission Statement: The mission of the Cherokee Nation Co-Partner Program is to provide opportunities for achievement through student and parent involvement in academic and cultural education.

Johnson O’Malley Program is designed to provide supplemental and or operational support to public schools who serve Indian students from age three through twelfth grades. Who are ¼ or more degree Indian blood and recognized by the Secretary as being eligible for Bureau services. The desired outcomes of the Cherokee Nation Co-Partner (JOM) Program are to increase Indian student achievement levels and encourage the use of cultural enrichment initiatives within the JOM programs in the public schools.

In cooperation with public schools and Indian Parent Committees, JOM students may receive the following benefits:


  • School Supplies

  • Cap and Gown

  • Special Projects

  • College Test Fees

  • Organization Dues

  • Educational Incentives/Awards


  • Staff/After School Programs

  • Presentations

  • Tools

  • Student Travel

  • Instructional Material

  • Student Memberships


  • Four (4) Regional Training JOM 101

  • Administrator Training

  • Application Training

  • On Site Application Training (as needed)

  • Oklahoma Johnson O’Malley Conference

Oologah JOM and VII serve 342 students currently. In combination with last year’s numbers and this year’s start we have serviced the following students:

  • School Supplies: 359 students

  • Special Projects: 2 students

  • College Test Fees: 30 students

  • Organization Dues: 6 students

  • Educational Incentives/Awards: 205/231 students

  • Cap and Gown: 35 students

  • After School Programs: 40 students

  • Student Awards: 2 students

We will have Storytelling and Native American Dancing in the spring along with Cultural Enrichment in the Schools (CCES).


  • Cherokee Art Competition (CAC)

  • Cherokee Fine Arts Competition (CFAC) Grades 3-12

  • Cherokee Creative Writing (CCW) Grades 3-12

  • Cherokee Language Bowl (CLB) Grades 3-12

  • Cherokee Challenge Bowl (CCB)

  • Co-Partners Awards Banquet


  • Students as Storytellers (SAS) Grades K-2

  • New Moon Festival (NMF) Grades 3-5

  • Cherokee Cultural Enrichment in Schools (CCES) Grades 3-5

  • Cherokee Summer Institute (CSI) Grades 9-12


  • Cherokee language enrichment (CLE) Grades 7-12

  • Youth Leadership Conference (YLI) Grades 8-12

  • Cherokee Law Institute (CLI) Grades 9-12