The primary purpose of all school buildings, grounds, and property is for the education and advancement of our children. However, the Board of Education may permit limited use of certain facilities by responsible organizations or groups not identified with the school if certain conditions are met. The final determination of facility usage is made by the Board of Education.

School activities take precedence over any and all non-school activities. The use of any school facility may be peremptorily denied.

Oologah-Talala Public Schools parent groups, student groups, athletics, site events, O-T Foundation, athletic summer camps, booster clubs with activity accounts, Oologah Area Chamber of Commerce, non-profit organizations and locally sponsored scouting groups may be exempt from rental charges. Parent groups, Chamber of Commerce and booster clubs may be charged for custodial services if a custodian is not scheduled to be on duty in the facility.

The use of school facilities by a religious group for religious services or instruction must be restricted to an occasional, temporary or emergency basis. “Occasional” use is defined as use for a single event or use on an irregular or infrequent basis.

“Temporary” use is defined as use for a period of time, during which the group is engaged in an effort to build, expand or locate a permanent church facility. If, at the end of a 12-month period, the group has not completed its efforts, the Board of Education may extend the group’s use of school facilities for a period of time to give them the opportunity to do so. The fee charged for this use may be raised 25% at the time of this renewal. The only facility available for Temporary use will be the Ag Arena.

School facilities will not be used for:

  1. Meetings which promote subversive teachings and doctrines contrary to the spirit of American institutions;
  2. Activities tending to cause unrest in the community or which reflect upon or promote discrimination against citizens of the United States because of race, color, national origin, disability, creed or sex;
  3. Any activity that may violate the patterns of good taste, manners or morals, or be destructive or injurious to the buildings, grounds or equipment;
  4. Any purpose in conflict with school objectives or not approved by the superintendent or his/her designee.

Request for use must be made on an Oologah-Talala Public Schools Facility Use Form.

The form must be submitted at least twenty (20) days prior to the event, and the request must be approved by the required school personnel before the facility is to be used. Forms submitted less than twenty (20) days before the event may be denied.

Steps 1-5 must be completed prior to the use of the facilities.

Facility Usage Form