Health Information

School health services, as provided by a RN and a health assistant at the lower elementary, supplement the efforts of parents and healthcare providers to maintain and promote the health of students. School health services do not replace the parents' responsibility for obtaining healthcare or the provider's responsibility for administering care.

The RN and health assistant provide assistance in evaluating present or potential health problems, provide the essential liaison between health and educational needs of pupils with chronic illnesses or handicaps, provide the direction for care of pupils who become ill or injured at school, assist school administrators to meet school health policies of the school district, and function as a school team member to assist each pupil to optimal achievable health.

The Oologah-Talala School RN and health assistant is responsible for grades Pre-K through 12. There is a health office in the Lower Elementary and the Upper Elementary buildings. Minor injuries may be treated in the classroom or by the office staff. Medical supplies are provided by the RN and health assistant. For more severe situations, the student is sent to the RN or the health assistant with an escort or is called to see the student. Parents are notified by telephone of any significant illness or injury.

Emergency care may be given by the RN or health assistant in case of an accident or illness, but treatment is held to be the responsibility of the parents or guardians and the family physician. If the injury requires immediate medical care or transportation to a medical facility, the local ambulance service will be called.

In addition to first aid, the RN and health assistant functions as an integral part of the school staff, attends teachers' meetings, visits classrooms, and keeps communication with students, administrators, teachers, and parents. The RN and health assistant maintain a relationship between the school and the community. The RN and health assistant also serves as a resource person on school health and education.

Other responsibilities include:

  1. Reviewing health records on all students entering the Oologah-Talala Public School System and interpreting the health status of students to school personnel.
  2. Vision screenings of the students and referral of such screenings to the parents.
  3. Administering medications to the students. Please see the medication policy located under the district policy and procedures page.
  4. Review immunizations
  5. Educational classes on handwashing, puberty, dental hygiene, and other topics that may arise.
  6. Flu vaccine clinics through the caring van and Will Rogers Health Clinic.

One full-time RN and health assistant for the entire Oologah-Talala Public School district. Contact information as follows:

Shonna Kubien, RN, BSN, NREMT-P (upper, middle and high school)

Carry Wells, health assistant (lower)