Be a TSA member of good standing. To be in good standing a student will meet the following criteria:

  • Experienced students will model the proper attitudes, work ethic and consideration for new and/or less experienced members. This entails demonstrating leadership skills and concern for other members of the chapter at the middle and high school level. Experienced members will also demonstrate an acceptable level of participation as outlined by Mr. Pruett, the Oologah TSA Advisor.
  • Newer members will participate in the Oologah TSA Leadership Program activities and curriculum.
  • All members will participate in community service activites as they are made available.
  • Students will explore TSA competative events
  • Members will have the current year's TSA dues paid by the chapter deadline.
Leadership Development

The Oologah TSA Chapters present an opportunity for leadership development activities. These activities are inclusive of community service activities, TSA competitive events, TSA leadership camps and conferences. Chapter organization develops leadership, as members may become officers and serve within their chapter, region and state organizations. Oologah members may also seek to serve as National TSA officers as they grow in their leadership skills.

This link will provide further information for students and parents as students move forward through the leadership degrees, awards and LEAP activities!

LEAP Documents