Laptops are available for all 6-12 grade students. Here are the links for the important documents related to this distribution.

OTPS School Board Policy 1.20

OTPS School Board Policy 1.20.6

Technology Fee Program

Technology/B.O.Y.D Policy (requires parent/student signature)

Technology Use Documents


Faculty and parents that are thinking of purchasing a laptop for your child please keep in mind that for better Wi-Fi performance and maximum speed all laptops purchased should include the latest wireless technology. On the laptop specifications this will be noted by the following in the description “802.11ac” and a number set for the maximum bonding that the system will provide, denoted by 1x1 or 3x3. The higher the number the better the connection speed will be to the Oologah-Talala network and other outside networks, as well as a better experience accessing and utilizing our Spark Learning Management System. The Oologah-Talala network has been fine tuned to allow the best performance using this technology. If the laptop is older and/or in some cases new laptops do not have the AC designation (“802.11ac”), several vendors sell a USB wireless adapter that looks like a thumb drive that will allow them to take advantage of the higher speeds as well as better performance. There are limitations with the USB devices as they are plugged into the USB ports and they may not have the same range as the built in devices but in the classroom setting they should be able to perform at a better rate than older technology.

Once again the specification for the best connectivity will be 802.11ac.