Child Nutrition

Basic Information



You may deposit a lump sum into each child's lunch account, as your child eats in the cafeteria the price of lunch is deducted daily. If your student's account should reach a negative balance of-$10.00, he/she will be given an alternative lunch. You will receive a phone call from our automated calling system when your balance reaches $5.00 or less. Please do your part to make sure your children have the needed funds for lunch.

Reduced lunch information is available by calling Monica Wells, Child Nutrition Manager, at 918-443-6000 ext 6213 or email at

2023-2024 Child Nutrition Prices

Elementary & Middle School Lunch


High School Lunch


Breakfast, All Students


Ice Cups


Extra Small Milk/Juice


Extra Large Milk or Bottled Water


All Visitors Lunch


Adult Breakfast Adult Lunch


Reduced Lunch


Reduced Breakfast


Extra food items

Cost Varies

There are separate lunch menus for grades Kindergarten thru 2nd and for 3rd thru 12th. You will have to choose which one you want at the drop down navigation on the top of the menu calendar.